Who am I?

Here you can find some info about me:

I’m a computer lover since I was 7 years old, to be precise when I discovered the beauty of the Commodore Vic 20 (that with RAM of just 5 Kb was able to stimulate my immagination).

I have been involved in professional software development for over 20 years now.

There are many projects that I have developed, which allowed me to improve my skills concerning several operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOs, Windows Phone, and so on...), several programming languages (Java, PHP, BASH Scripting, etc.) and various development environments.

I currently deal with Systems and Networking Administration, DataBase Administration and Development of various kinds of applications, in particular applications for the WEB world.

Roberto Travagliante

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info [at] travagliante [dot] com

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