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How many times you happen to be bothered by annoying phone commercial agents, who phoned you at inopportune moments, in an effort to promote profitable contracts (according to them) or offers not to be missed for anything in the world?

How many times have you wondered if there was a way to permanently block these “commercial promoters” or, better, “assault promoters”?

Well, starting from today, a new application will help you, for all owners of an Android phone!

We are talking about:

Call Blocker XL

Call Blocker XL allows you to automatically reject unwanted calls!

Scarica adesso da Google Play

As reported on Google Play, with this app you can automatically refuse all annoying commercial calls from advertising numbers or harassing and annoying people.

To block one or more numbers, you can simply add them to your “black list”.
Call Blocker XL will block all receiving calls from these numbers and you will be calmer, finally.

You can also block entire area codes or groups of similar numbers, for example coming from the same society.

Free yourself from annoying calls!

Here are the main features of Call Blocker XL:
Black list: Call Blocker XL will allow you to maintain a list of phone numbers. These numbers will be blocked.
White list: you can also manage a list of exceptions. Here you will insert the numbers to never block.
– Feature ENABLE or DISABLE with a single tap.
Different ways to add phone numbers: by your contacts, from your call log, or manual way (Using this mode you can also block or allow entire prefixes or similar numbers).
– Many other call blocking options.

Scarica adesso da Google Play

In addition to specific phone numbers, if you want, you can automatically block:
– All calls with private number;
– All calls, except the numbers in the white list;
– All calls, including the numbers in the white list;
– All calls with a specified prefix;
– All calls that start with…;

Well? What are you waiting for?
Download Now Call Blocker XL!

And free yourself from all annoying or unauthorized phone calls!

***** Several languages are supported! And many others coming soon! *****

Scarica adesso da Google Play

For further info: https://mirtramobileapps.wordpress.com/call-blocker-xl-for-android/