Interest Calculator: How to change Settings!

Interest Calculator: How to change Settings!

Hello everyone,

I noticed that some users of Interest Calculator had problem in changing Settings (such as Language, Currency and days of the year).
So, I submit some screenshots, directly from my iPhone (sorry for quality, and for Italian), to give you all the information about changing iPhone Settings ๐Ÿ˜‰
Here is the method:
1) go your iPhone main menu:

2) scroll applications into iPhone Settings, until you find “Interest Calculator
3) change your “InterestCalc” settings
I hope this small howto can be helpful for you. However, If you have problems, please contact me, or leave a comment ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Calogera | Ago 17,2013

    Whenever I’m graphing a reciprocal sine trig function or a normal tangent function, the asymptotes are shown on other calculators but not on mine. I’ve tried resetting it, and nothing changes. How do I make it show the asymptotes?

  • Maggie | Ago 17,2013

    Im totally lost in my math class; can someone pleaase show me STEP-BY-STEP how to solve this problem? I know the correct answer already, but I have absolutely no idea how to even work it out. I am completely stumped and the test is coming up soon!

    On January 1, 2000, the population of Smithville was 36 thousand people. It has increased at a rate of 1% per year. Thus, the formula for the population, y, of Smithville t years after 2000, where y is in thousands of people is written as: y=36(1.01)^t

    Additionally, on Jan. 1, 2000, the population of Jonesville was 45 thousand people. It has increased at the rate of 27 thousand people per year. And so, the formula for the population of Jonesville t years after the year 2000, where y is in thousands of people is written as: y=45+27t

    Using both equations provided, in which year will the population of Smithville first surpass Jonesville’s population?

    (for example, if you were to find that they were equal when x=75.25 years, then it is 0.25 years, 3 months, after January 1, 2075. Therefore you would report the year 2075)

    Year: 2617

    (and the only explanation given was…)
    -To find when the populations are equal, use a graphing utility to graph both functions in a suitable viewing window. Use an Intersection Feature to find that the populations are equal when t=617.063645 which is about 0.0636 years after Jan. 1, 2617 or in the year 2617.

    I do have a graphing calculator (TI-83 Plus) but I am also really confused on how to actually use it to solve the question. If anyone can provide me with some instructions on how to go about solving this either on paper or using my calculator i would reallly appreciate it help! Thanks.


  • Oilers | Set 4,2013

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