Interest Calculator: my first application for iphone is on App Store

Interest Calculator: my first application for iphone is on App Store

Hello Everyone!

My first iPhone application is on App Store!

Here is the description, directly from Apple Store:

Interest Calculator is exactly what it claims to be: an application for your iPhone/iPod touch, to calculate interest, and useful for helping you about your investments and your business.

It can be useful when you must take decisions about credit (for example, to buy a car) and you want to know the convenience.  

It’s usage is simple and fast, and it can calculate Simple and Compound Interest. 

Calculation can be made using dollars or euros, with a year of 365 or 360 days (commercial). You can choose these parameters using “Settings”.

Available languages: English & Italian

Here is the download link: iTunes link


  • Kiko | Feb 12,2009

    Nice application! It is useful and easy to use!
    But it is also complete! Good!

  • Giacomo82 | Feb 13,2009

    Bel programma, snello e veloce|

  • Michael Brush | Feb 15,2009

    Have a nice day!
    Please, add French language!

    I like it, good application!

  • DaRyL | Set 9,2010

    are you ready to find the one?

  • windows mobile web development services | Dic 30,2010

    I use this application for teaching the kids which is simple but is a very useful application.

  • iPhoneXCoder | Gen 3,2011

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments!

    For Michael Brush:
    Finally I added French language. Here is the link
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    For "windows mobile web development services":
    I'm very surprised about your use of application. 🙂 And I'm very happy!

  • dubmecrazy3 | Ago 18,2013

    I want to develop with DragonFire SDK. For Itouch specifically, but the iphone uses the same ios, so… How do I get my app on an Iphone without the use of the $100 app store?

  • Anny | Ago 18,2013

    Can I make my own app and put it on the app store and profit from this? I would like it to be free, and if so, how? Please help and thanks ahead of time!

  • Victoria T | Ago 19,2013

    I want to jailbreak my itouch when i get it, but i still want apps from the app store. Does jailbreaking your itouch affect the app store at all?

    PS: im planning to use blackra1n to jailbreak it

  • skillz | Ago 20,2013

    I’ve come up with a create concept for an app for the iphone! but i’ve been told by a friend I cant use flash to create it? Whats the best thing to use to make my app?
    Also I was wondering what stages I will need to take to get my application onto the app store? and how much will it cost?

  • Elio | Ago 20,2013

    has Cydia got apps and movies as good quality as the app store or are they a bad quality or not as good or different??

    and how do you use cydia?

  • Dionisio | Ago 21,2013

    I just recently got my first Iphone and I’m wondering about all the apps from the app store whether its worth it to buy an app that might or might not turn out the way I would want it to.
    If you have any advice about anything about Apple, feel free to tell me. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Xbox Gamer | Ago 21,2013

    I have a first generation iPod touch and the app store disappeared. I would like to be able to download apps and such, so how can I get it back?

  • Giancarlo | Ago 26,2013

    I’ve tried looking at all the youtube videos and Ive come close but have ultimaltely been unsuccessful… Can anybody give me step by step instructions on how to download snow leopard for free… Its rediculous that you have to pay 30$ to get snow leopard so that you can use the mac app store.

  • kamikami | Ago 26,2013

    I have been trying to download apps through iTunes but it doesnt work. Do I need to buy the app store on my iPod in order to get apps? If I don’t then can you tell me how to get them without the app store?

  • Osvaldo | Ago 28,2013

    How can you get the things from app store on ipod touch which cost money (like super monkey ball) for free. I have app store but dont wanna waste money on the apps which you have to buy.

  • Thomas A | Ago 29,2013

    I got a new iphone 5 hoping I could get apps that were deleted off the App Store (that I bought) back (such as the semi fake display recorder and mctube) but I have not found a way to get them back. When I go to purchased and not on iphone, they aren’t there. I remember when I bought the items and they are not in the history to download. Why is that? Please help. Thanks.

  • Corinna | Ago 29,2013

    I need to add money to my App Store account on my iPod touch first generation and I dont know what kind of card or money thingy you use or how you put it on orhow to put on. Please help!
    Thanks so much Rebecca! Best answer!

  • ConfusionnaJob | Ago 29,2013

    I am looking to sell my Iphone 3gs but my account is still connected to itunes. Is there anyway I can remove my bank details from the app store so that when I sell it, they will nit be able to buy things…
    Also It has a crack on the back, the Internal speakers work but the louder ones have broken, and bluetooth doesn’t work. How much do you think it will sell for?

  • Bartolomeo | Ago 30,2013

    I clicked somewhere by accident and got into the US App Store. Now I can’t do any updates or download any new apps until I get back to the Canadian one, but there doesn’t seem to be a setting to change for this. Help!

  • Anna | Set 1,2013

    I cant find the alien dalvik app in the app store i want to download it but i just cant can anyone help?

  • Susanna | Set 1,2013

    I have an Iphone 3gs. I went onto the app store to download Jamal Bryant’s sermons and they were free. I guess their all downloaded because I don’t see the red little number sign. I can’t seem to find the podcasts I downloaded to my phone anywhere? I thought they were suppose to me in the Videos tab of my home screen or the Music tab.

  • Ramblin Spirit | Set 1,2013

    I can envision apple using the Apple TV to allow you download games from the App store. This would allow smaller developers to compete with the big boys. Apple and Google is starting to look very scary now.

  • Omero | Set 2,2013

    So i have an older ipod touch, not that old, but still. It does not have the App Store on it, and i would like to know i get it onto it?

  • Alfonso | Set 2,2013

    i’m planning on jailbreaking my ipod touch (2nd generation). I know that the warranty will be voided, but I’m wondering if I will still be able to update and download apps from the app store after I have jailbroken it?

  • Flavio | Set 2,2013

    I’m looking for a nice, smooth screen recorder to record WoW on a mac. It would also be convenient if it is on the app store, but anything outside of the app store is alright too.

    I’ve had trouble with other screen recorders because they make the game lag when I’m using them, so I’m looking for a smoother one.

  • DuckieM10 | Set 3,2013

    On App Store, I can’t figure out how the top 25 works, which makes me doubt how fair this is.
    Looking at it now, Angry Birds Rio is leading with 5 stars, 310 votes. Tiny Wings, which is number 2 has 5 stars with 550 ratings.
    So how do they rank these, based on rank by the votes, number of votes, a combination of these? Because either way, Tiny Wings wins, but it’s still second.

  • skillz | Set 4,2013

    I have an older itouch which was just reset. Every time I click on the App Store application it says “cannot connect to iTunes”. I looked under general settings and saw no way for signing in. Can you help me figure out how to sign into the App Store for itouch?

  • Melanie | Set 5,2013

    I need to know how to actually put the app store onto my ipod. I have no idea where to get it or how or anything. Please help!

  • Enzo | Set 5,2013

    I was planning on jailbreaking my iPod but if it means I can’t use the original app store anymore I don’t think it would be worth it.

  • Noè | Set 5,2013

    Is there a site i can use itunes app store online and plug my ipod touch into the comoputer? But i dont have to download itunes or any other program? My wi-fi quotes out.

  • Alessia | Set 6,2013

    So, basically my phone has been asking for an itunes password everytime I go to the app store… I’ve read all about it and tried doing what they said and it doesn’t seem to work… Any suggestions?

    I’ve entered my password numerous of times and it still isn’t working, always shows back up. So frustrating.

  • Gerlando | Set 7,2013

    My parents took off my App Store and deleted all my apps, I really need an texting app. If anyone knows a way, can you please tell me? Thank you for your time.

  • Pio | Set 9,2013

    i tried a software update and i didnt get the app store.. how can i download it?

  • NC Baller | Set 11,2013

    How much do you gotta pay to get everything you want in the app store forever?

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