The day of Safe Sex for iPhone and iPod Touch

The day of Safe Sex for iPhone and iPod Touch

Do you want to have sex today?

But, can you SAFELY have it, without the risk of having a child?

Can your iPhone / iPod tell you it?
YES!!! Today YOU CAN!!!

The Day of Safe Sex

The Day of Safe Sex

THE DAY OF SAFE SEX is a fun entertainment gadget / game for your iPhone / iPod touch, to see if you can safely have sex with a girl, without the risk of having a child.
With a few steps, you can get a “response”, if you can have safe sex with your girl or not.

Play with “THE DAY OF SAFE SEX” and enjoy with your friends! (and girls!)

(Internet connection NOT required 😉

Here is iTunes Link:

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  • Bartolomeo | Set 2,2013

    We have a completely open relationship. I tell her everything including about the guys I’ve slept with (3). She smokes weed and is fine with me doing so but I’vee recently stopped. Then last night at a restaurant when she’d had 5 glasses of wine, she asked me if I regretted anything I’d done in the past year. I thought about it and said no. Its the truth, since the things I DO regret doing have taught me lessons, and in the long run I thereforedon’tt regret them entirely.
    So she then admitted to reading my journal (which I send via iphone email to, from my old ipod touch, which still receives my emails, that I leave in my room and rarely use. The emails OhLife sends every day each contain one random previous entry, which she would then read.
    She now thinks I do heavy drugs (I’ve never done anything other than marijuana and alcohol), have an ongoing eating disorder that I lie about (I was bulimic for a while but have been fine for 3 weeks), and am a raging sex-addict.
    I feel SO violated. I have lost all trust and respect for her. She now wants me to go to therapy and a rehabilitation clinic. The journal writing is therapeutic for me, as it is for most, and I no longer feel safe doing so!
    I dont know HOW she could have come to these conclusions from what she read- she is German and her English is not as good as mine, also, since the journal IS for me only, I dont explain everything perfectly or make everything extremely precise and clear…
    I am a normal teenager, dealing with emotions that come with development. I am so incredibly open with her, and now she has lost my trust.

    What do you all think about this? Is it right for a parent to invade their child’s privacy like this?
    I understand if they feel the child is a threat to themselves or others, but I am not.

    Thank you

  • Zefiro | Set 5,2013

    This app I was trying to download on to my iPod will not download. How do I cancel it downloading?
    Ive tried pausing it and making it wiggle, but the ‘x’ wont show up!

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