REAL DRUMS for Mac: and you can play drums also on your Mac OS!

REAL DRUMS for Mac: and you can play drums also on your Mac OS!

After success of Real Drums for iOS, we are pleased to announce


Do you want to turn your Mac into professional drums?
Do you wish to surprise your friends and enjoy with them by playing drums and also other percussive instruments (as bongo)?


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Real Drums turns your Mac in Drums and it permit to you to play it as a real drummer!

With Real Drums, you can play:
– 6 types of drums (more coming soon!)
– bongo
– special KITCHEN DRUMS (made with real kitchen instruments! Try it and enjoy!)

Sounds are taken from original instruments and they are real and nice! You can easily set instruments and sound kit (6 drumkit) from application menu.

Real Drums is developed to give you the best sound performance and no latency, for the best experience! ๐Ÿ™‚

Download and Enjoy!

Note: below there is the best method to use RealDrums:
1) Start iTunes application;
2) Choose your preferred song and play it;
3) Start Real Drums;
4) Enjoy, and play your best songs!!!

***** Special price time limited *****

Available on Mac App Store!

Available on Mac App Store

Here are some screenshots:


  • Koegen | Feb 21,2011

    Nice application! I just downloaded from Mac App Store and I think It’s beautiful!

  • Deb | Mar 3,2011

    This app is awesome on an interactive whiteboard! Would love to see a record / playback function. My special needs students love it.

  • admin | Mar 11,2011

    Thank you for your suggestions!! Can you explain what is the operating system of your interactive whiteboard?

  • Cliff | Lug 14,2011

    Can we use these drums in garageband? How can this be done if possible? Thank you so much for your time, Love the app!

  • admin | Ago 8,2011

    Hello Cliff,

    I think that you can’t use these drums in GarageBand, because Apple policies do not permit.
    But, we will study a possibly system to do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tobia | Ago 14,2013

    im planning on doing a party/rave at my house and i want to dj my own music, im trying a free trial of Virtual Dj and i like it so far but its a little expensive i want to know if there is other software out there that is better than and cheaper than Virtual Dj before i buy it.

  • evil chevy | Ago 17,2013

    Hey, I have been writing music for quite some time now, but it lacks the edge that professional musicians and writers have on their music. I am using a few programs designed for children and amateurs, and I can use them and have been using them because they are cheap. What I have been using was Garage Band to draft my music and Finale Pro to finalize it. I know that these are great for learners and people looking to have fun and just mess around, but they aren’t for me.

    What I am looking for is a program for Mac OS software and it needs to be able to record my voice, but I also have to be able to create music digitally on it (the only instrument I can play is the piano, but my music uses drums, several synths, vocals, and bass). I need to be able to place notes or coordinate notes digitally without having to record them in real life.

    I don’t really care about how much the program costs (so long as it isn’t a ridiculous price that exceeds $5000) or if additional equipment is required like head phones or a microphone. I just want to finalize my music and then see if I can get it published by some company.

    I have done my research and have looked up the cost for a good quality microphone, headset, mix board/mix master, etc., but I have had no luck in finding a good program to create my music with.

    Thanks, and I would appreciate a quick review on what the product is like, how it makes music sound when compared to real instruments, and if professional music writers have actually produced good music from the program.

  • Jairo | Ago 25,2013

    I’m in a post-rock/electronica band, we play electric instruments and create drums and synth programming. We’re currently planning to do some live shows, and we’d like to play some synth lines on stage, by a keyboard linked to the computer (running Brainspawn forte or stuff like that). Is it true that Windows doesn’t work well live, is there the real risk that it stops working during the performances? Is a MacBook better for live electronica?

  • Marylouise | Mag 3,2016

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  • Carly | Mag 3,2016

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