Real Drums HD: play drums on iPad and iPad2!

Real Drums HD: play drums on iPad and iPad2!

Do you want to turn your iPad into professional drums?
Do you wish to surprise your friends and enjoy with them by playing drums and also other percussive instruments (as bongo)?


Get It from App Store

Real Drums HD for iPad - Get It from App Store

Real Drums HD for iPad - Get It from App Store

Real Drums HD turns your iPad in Drums and it permit to you to play it as a real drummer!

With Real Drums HD, you can play:
– 6 types of drums (more coming soon!)
– bongo
– special KITCHEN DRUMS (made with real kitchen instruments! Try it and enjoy!)

Sounds are taken from original instruments and they are real and nice! You can set instruments and sound kit from application, but also from iPad Settings.

Download and Enjoy!

Now, with better performances!

Get It from App Store

Note: below there is the best method to use RealDrums HD:
1) Start Real Drums HD in your iPad;
2) Choose your preferred song, by specific button and play it;
3) Confirm settings;
4) Enjoy, and play your best songs!!!

And try also specific versions of Real Drums for iPhone & for Mac, available on App Store and Mac App Store!

***** Special price time limited *****

Get It from App Store


  • Paul reyes | Mar 14,2011

    Just purchased for my ipda (1) & no sound. Any suggestions? Thx

  • admin | Mar 14,2011

    Hello Paul,

    First of all, thank you for your comment. Comments are precious for me and for every developers 🙂
    Have you checked volume (both ringtone and multimedia volume) on your iPad?
    (If you have firmware 4.2 or above, you can mute your iPad both by pressing volume buttons, and by using screen lock:

    Can you verify this? Let me know.

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  • Tirta | Ago 12,2011

    Check this link

    Real drums app in action

  • John | Feb 13,2012

    It’s very nice app!

  • Bart | Mar 12,2012

    I just purchased both the versions(pro),and I turn it on, choose a song, choose a drum kit, press confirm, and the music plays, but not the drums. I tried it several times, just to be sure i was not omitting a step, and now a half- hour of my time is gone, and I can’t recover it. That is the only thing that I dislike, wasting time. Anyone have this problem on a brand new iPad2?

  • iPhoneXCoder | Mar 13,2012

    Hi Bart,

    first of all, thank you for choosing Real Drums and for contacting!

    Well, to solve the problem concerning sound levels, you should check the following:
    1) the ring volume – slide to unlock your iphone and set high volume, by using volume keys on the left of your iphone;
    2) the media volume – start youtube app (or iPod app) and set max volume, by using volume keys on the left of your iphone;
    3) the silent mode – set normal mode (not silent/vibration only)

    After doing these steps, start Real Drums and check if it runs properly.

    Let’s know! 🙂
    Thank you!
    iPhoneXCoder –

  • Ricardo Matos | Lug 7,2012

    Hi. Is it possible To record my drum performance.? Thanks

  • admin | Lug 7,2012

    Hi Ricardo,

    we sent you an email!
    Thank you, for contacting us!

  • Gerlando | Ago 22,2013

    Its on the app store and you can make them pop out of things or sit next to you?

  • Gaia | Ago 26,2013

    I am looking to design a mobile phone app.

    I have two options, one would be hire an app design company for a fixed price and launch the app.
    Two would be to hire a developer on a salary.

    Option one makes the most sense financially and would be easier. But if the app took off, would the developer i would inevitably have to hire have trouble reading the code from the hire company?

  • Laura | Ago 27,2013

    How do you retrieve an app that was 99 cents and got deleted by mistake and now it is $4.99? Will you have to pay price?

  • Duccio | Ago 28,2013

    Is there any such app which will write what you say into the text box?
    So that you can reply to a text when you cant use your hands?

  • alberto s | Set 7,2013

    I made a nice convenient app and I want people to be able to download it for free.

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