Big Breath! Challenge the world with your longest blow!!!

Big Breath! Challenge the world with your longest blow!!!

How long are you able to breathe into your iPhone? And your friends?
Challenge your friends and players from all over the world!
Blow into the microphone of your iPhone as long as you can and measure duration of your breath!

Big Breath is a nice application by which you can test & verify your capacity about blow duration, and compare it with your friends.

Big Breath

Take your best scores and compete with them!
And, if your device can connect to Apple Game Center, then you can also compete with every other players of the world!

Try Big Breath! And enjoy with it and your friends!!!

***** Special price, time limited *****

Big Breath


  • prMac Distribution Services :: Big Breath 1.2 released for iOS - Test and Verify Your Longest Blow :: April :: 2011 | Apr 25,2011

    […] today announces Big Breath 1.2 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. How long are you able to breathe into your iPhone? Big Breath […]

  • baffochic | Ago 3,2011

    Ho appena scritto un post per questa fantastica e divertentissima applicazione sul mio sito, e devo dire che ha avuto un buon successo l’articolo, evidentemente parlare di cose ben fatte paga.

  • iPhoneXCoder | Ago 8,2011

    Grazie Baffochic, sono molto contento ricevere il tuo commento! Ti ho appena inviato una email 😀

  • Osvaldo | Ago 13,2013

    What are some relationship quotes about being ready for a REAL SERIOUS relationship?
    like quotes of a relationship with no bs, no lies & stuff like that?

  • Pippo | Ago 13,2013

    Are you doing anything special for the solstice… it is the true reason for the season.
    That would be for those of us in the northern hemisphere. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, did you enjoy your longest day?

  • Nathan B | Ago 14,2013

    Tell me what you think critique? Not really worried about grammar and such its only the first draft.

    The warehouse loomed up ahead, dark and decrepit in the already fading light of evening. The haunting aura of the creatures that surely had, or were, inhabiting it hung over the place, like a dark storm cloud, about to erupt. The street lights flickered slightly as Margo, Jonah, and I approached the building. It all but sent shivers down my spin, as the shadows danced on the half un-hinged door that creaked slightly in the wind.
    “Come on lets head in.” Jonah whisper, very noisily, in the silence of the approaching night.
    Margo slid up the steps, her long dark cloak shimmering slightly in the faint street light. A sudden gust of wind blew us all the way into the building. I cringed internally as the door slammed against its frame. No matter how many times we hunted them, I never got over the terror my body always sent out. That primal instinct that whispered in my head, Run Trinity, RUN! I sweep quickly into the hall behind Jonah, our footsteps echoing faintly off the concrete. Fear squeezed at my chest at each noise.
    “Do you feel anything?” Jonah asked, I shook my head.
    “If I feel something coming on I’ll tell you.”
    The faint glint of moonlight showed at the end of the hall, Jonah pulled out his blade the steel sliding silently out of his hilt. I took one step into the room and- My legs gave out and my breathe came in a short gasp. The room swirled around me, A vision had never hit me so intensely before. My limbs tingled with the numbness as my vision gradually turned black.
    Lastly I was deaf to the world. All that there was to hear, was my own pounding heart, as the vision began to gnaw at the back of my mind. Images flickered across the darkness in my head as I was sucked into the premonition:

    ~My heart pounded my breathe came out in great gasps. They were all around, all around, A flash of claws a piercing yellow gaze. A screech as it attacked. One came at me, then another, and another. I pull out a blade. The spirit predators run at me claws out, eyes glowing, beckoning me, daring me to challenge them, to take them on.~

    The sharp, painful images fade slightly, becoming a bit blurred, a bit unsure of their own truth

    ~ One pounces, ripping at my chest, its long black hair hanging over its face staring at me with those big eyes, lulling me into its trap, it slashes at me, breaking skin, digging its sharp claws deeply into my flesh, pain shoots up into my mind filling it, letting no other thought exist but the pain, A scream fills the air. “AHHHHHHH!”~

    The image fades, I feel my limbs go limp, the rigid numbness already fading, and I feel the tears streaming down my face, the great gasping of my breathing as I come to. I feel Jonah shaking me, as if too wake me from a nightmare, though he knows it doesn’t help; Margo’s velvety soft hands rubbing my forehead. My hearing comes back as my eyes stay in darkness, though I know they’re wide open, staring blankly at nothingness.
    Margo’s calming voice echoes in my ear,
    “Trinity… take your time, we’re in no hurry, came out of it slowly.”
    Then finally, my vision comes back, at first in shadows, I see two dark blobs hovering above me. Then as if a layer of gauze was stripped from my eyes, I see Jonahs blurred face starring down at me, I blink several times.
    “Are you okay? Are you here Trinity?” He asks.
    “Yeah” my voice comes out weak and rough, not at all like I wish it did, “I’m fine; help me up, will you?”
    Jonah and Margo both take an arm and lift me to my feet. I sway slightly trying to regain my composure. I take one deep breath, another, and another.
    “What did you see?” asks Jonah all business now.
    “Someone…” I trail clearing my throat “The predators they, they’re going to bring someone here, or some ones going to run into them I think they’re one of us…”
    It sould be come not came sorry like I said a few type-o’s just stay with me LOL I just needed to get the idea down 🙂
    PS: thanks in advance

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x | Ago 29,2013

    I’m having trouble trying not to think about suicide. I’ve been here before, but the “treatment” is all just the same rhetoric and stuff over and over, and it all just seems so cutter cutter. Nothing unique to the individual or their problems. I just feel like a statistic. I’ve become pretty much numb to the whole idea of “mental health” and psychiatrists/psychologists/and psychotropic medication.

    My life has become cynical and jaded. I really hate people and feel as though our society is a bunch of self absorbed b*stards. I just don’t even want to live in this kind of world anymore. I get irritated easily because I find most people to be inconsiderate, rude, and stupid.

    A little background as to why I’m so upset? this month alone I lost my job, my car blew up, and because of both, I”m also now late on my rent, I got a ticket for no insurance in the car that I no longer own and don’t carry insurance on, but according to this stupid, f**ked up state I live in, I’m still supposed to carry insurance even though I can’t drive the damn car, so because of that, I also now have a surcharge on my license for the next 3 years, I’m in college full time and the stress of that alone is killing me. I’m trying to do hospital rotations with no car, so using public transition is costing me money I dont have, as well as eating up almost all my day. To top it all off, I’m a transsexual. People just want to hate me for NO reason, without even getting to KNOW me, just because of their assumptions of who and what I am.

    I really just am at my wit’s end here. I’ve lost any hope or inspiration, and I’m tired of hearing “things will get better”. NO they WON’T. They haven’t so far. So far things just keep getting worse, and I’m too the point that I can’t take anymore things getting worse.
    *edit* That first paragraph should be “cookie cutter” not “cutter cutter”
    Yeah I’m in college. I’m in a REALLY hard major though, medical technology. It’s almost like being in med school with all the stuff we have to learn! Plus, it leaves me broke all the time, and I’m really starting to resent my tuition going up to pay for things like new lights on our baseball stadium or box seating at the football games, while I’m stuck using lab equipment from the 1970’s. Or seeing tanned gym bunnies hanging out at the river who make the Dean’s list, while I’m grateful to pull a C from my professor.

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