Calcolo ICI: calculate ICI tax for buildings in Italy

Calcolo ICI: calculate ICI tax for buildings in Italy

Do you want to determine the ICI on your buildings?
Want to know immediately the amount of tax payable for the year 2011?

“Calcolo ICI”is what you need!

“Calcolo ICI” helps you calculate in seconds the amount of municipal property tax, tax imposed on buildings and building areas of Italy.

All this, directly with your iPhone!

What are you waiting? Try it now!


  • Dorotea | Ago 13,2013

    These buildings that I am looking for are comparable in size to christmas ornaments that hold night light candles in them. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Barbara | Ago 31,2013

    I decided to go back and play Fallout and Fallout 2 again and i kept seeing buildings that looked the same, they almost had an adobe type look about them but i’m no expert so maybe you can tell what type of buildings they are? Here is a screenshot of what the building looks like.

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