Real Drums: Video review made by PrMac

Real Drums: Video review made by PrMac

We have just be noticed that PrMac (popular and useful service for Apple developers) made a video, about main features of Real Drums v. 4.0 for iPhone!

Many thanks to PrMac! We decided to publish their work on our website!

Here is the video:



  • Carmen | Ago 21,2013

    I have apple juice already in the recipe, but it also calls for apple vinegar. Thanks!

  • sarah w | Set 8,2013

    I was planning to buy Apple Earphones, because they lasted for over 9 months.
    But I only found the earphones with the mic and volume control by pressing the “+” and the “-” button on the earphones.
    They were $29.99
    Do you think I should buy from that Apple Store?
    I really want some good quality earphones. =]


  • King | Ott 24,2016

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  • http://www./ | Nov 4,2016

    Oh, how lovely! I love these freaky moments, especially the premonition and then the actual event. I had this with a copy of Robert McKee's "Story" – I really wanted it, and walked into a charity shop, there it was. Well, it was a charity shop in Hampstead, London, so perhaps a higher number of aspiring screenwriters! Anyway, not quite as freaky as your experience, may it bring you much luck.

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