Real drums for mac: "Are you gonna be my girl"

Real drums for mac: “Are you gonna be my girl”

We are pleased to introduce a new youtube video by drummer chochodholic!

Do you like “Are you gonna be my girl”? Here is the video!

Here is an example about what you can do with Real Drums!!! Many thanks to chochodholic! You are a very good drummer! 🙂

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Here is the video! Enjoy yourself!

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  • Bryant B | Ago 14,2013

    I bought an app on Itunes and I don’t know how to get it to my toolbar. Any help?

  • Oscar | Ago 14,2013

    I have been hearing and reading the words app and apps over the last couple of years. They are always used in context to a cell phone or computer. I looked the words up in the dictionary but they weren’t there. What do those words mean?

  • XplicitzZ | Ago 17,2013

    I live in the UK. I use the Uk App Store to download apps. There is an app I want but I will have to switch to the US App Store to download it. It’s free. Is it okay if I do this? Will I be able to switch back to the UK store? I think it’s okay but just checking!

  • Jose B | Ago 21,2013

    I want to get an app for my ipod touch so I can keep track of my stats and my score. The app must have a stat keeper and scorecard. Also the app has to be free!

  • Amelia | Ago 21,2013

    Ok, so hopefully you can answer these questions about the free texting app for the Ipod Touch. Do you have to be texting someone else that has an Ipod Touch? Do you have to pay for it at first? Do you have to pay a monthly bill? How exactly does it work? Do you just download it from iTunes like any other app? Hope you can answer these! Thanks! 😉

  • forahobby | Ago 22,2013

    I’ve recently bought an iPad and I need a good app that can edit Excel apps directly from Dropbox. I’m not really interested in Numbers, and I’ve heard that quick office doesn’t work particularly well with Dropbox. Any suggestions? If anyone can recommend a good app from their own experience it would be really helpful!

  • Gemma | Ago 26,2013

    Well I have this app on my iPod and I have a video on it, I want to transfer it to my camera roll but i dont know how! Any idea’s?

  • Erin | Set 1,2013

    What camera app provides the highest quality pictures? I have TrueHDR but is there a better one?

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