Real Drums Super Stars: turn your iPhone and iPad into professional drums! [VIDEO]

Real Drums Super Stars: turn your iPhone and iPad into professional drums! [VIDEO]

Here is a new demo video on Real Drums Super Stars and its several features:




  • Enrico | Ago 13,2013

    I would love to become a natural foods chef and either teach classes or do demo cooking at a natural foods store, however I am moving to Seattle area and I can not seem to find any colleges or schools that offer any natural foods chef programs. Any suggestions on the steps to take to get into this?

  • Larry R | Ago 20,2013

    I’m using the FL 8 demo and I was wondering how I save the beat and continue working on it later. Do I just need to export it as a midi file and import back as a midi file? Or is there another way I can do it?

  • Mc L | Ago 20,2013

    I downloaded a demo and now i want to delete it, but because it’s a demo it doesn’t save, and therefore does not show up in my save data. What do i do?

  • Motordom | Ago 22,2013

    When I go under the Battlefield 2 Demo file and do the launch server thing it’s for local only. How do I make a internet one that everyone can use?

  • Iacopo | Ago 23,2013

    Iam starting a blog…I want to know if it’s legal or illegal to upload demo games of various games like Needforspeed, fifa, etc…….
    both uploading or sharing links from other sites to download
    wich is legal?

  • Daniela | Ago 28,2013

    All these people have the Droid X, and post their reviews on youtube. How do you get to demo a phone before it is released to the public?

  • Squall Leonhart | Set 10,2013

    I’m looking to purchase a new Lexus RX330 that is a demo with approx. 650 miles on it. What kind of discount should I be looking at?

  • Linette | Ago 12,2014

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