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Real Drums Super Stars – and your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad become professional drums!

Do you want to turn your iPhone, your iPod Touch or your iPad (and iPad Mini) into professional drums?
Do you wish to surprise your friends and enjoy with them by playing drums and also other percussive instruments (as bongo)?




Real Drums turns your iPhone / iPod Touch in Drums and it permit to you to play it as a real drummer!

AND NOW REAL DRUMS IS A UNIVERSAL APP!!! You can run it both on your iPhone and iPad!

***** Special price, time limited *****

Real Drums Super Stars permit you to play:
– different kinds of drums (and more others are coming soon!)
– bongos
– special KITCHEN DRUMS (made with real kitchen instruments! Try it and enjoy!)



With Real Drums Super Stars, you can get choose:
– 4 kinds of pre-configured drumsets
– another custom drumset, by which you can configure every single component of your drums!!!


Your custom drums can be fully configured with:
– 13 snares
– 13 hi-hats
– 24 cymbals (crashes & rides)
– 11 hi toms
– 11 middle toms
– 11 low toms
– 12 kick pedals
You can choose single drums sounds, for a total of over 1.500.000.000 possibilities!!!

Pop drums, Rock, Jazz, Crunk, Jungle, Swing, and so on…. You can choose the sounds that you prefer, without limits!

Sounds are taken from original instruments and they are real and nice! You can set instruments and sound kit from application, but also from iPhone Settings!


What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY, NOW!


Here is iTunes link:


Best performances, for best experience!

Real Drums Super Stars is now an universal app!

Note: this is the best method to use RealDrums:
1) Start Real Drums in your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or iPad Mini;
2) Choose your preferred song, by specific button and play it;
3) Confirm settings;
4) Enjoy, and play your best songs!!!

Real Drums is available in different languages! And more others will be available in next releases.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start to play, now! And become a real drummer!

***** Special price time limited *****
***** Compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 *****


Here is iTunes link:


And Here are some screenshots from iPhone and iPad:

iPhone (Real Drums Super Stars is optimized also for iPhone 5)

mzl.qrhqcbpm.320x480-75 mzl.ewxnkwsi.320x480-75 mzl.orwhsezk.320x480-75 mzl.mdxoqrjh.320x480-75 mzl.thwxcuzd.320x480-75


Here are some screenshots for iPad (and iPad mini):

mzl.scymqjdr.480x480-75 mzl.okxhrypx.480x480-75 mzl.ortckidg.480x480-75 mzl.gjaoancj.480x480-75 mzl.dxsszpbv.480x480-75




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Real Drums per Mac: video di “Closer to the Edge”

Quante cose si possono fare con un Mac?

Eccone un esempio, presente su Youtube, mostrato dal batterista chochodholic!

Se vi piace “Closer to the Edge” dell’album “30 seconds to Mars”, allora dovete vedere questo video interessante sull’uso di Real Drums for Mac!
Una prestazione musicale davvero affascinante!

Per coloro che volessero cimentarsi a suonare le proprie canzoni preferite con Real Drums per iPhone, ecco il link al download:

Idem per Real Drums for Mac:
Available on Mac App Store

Ecco il video:

Volete suonare anche il vostro iPad o iPad2? La risposta è Real Drums HD!
Get It from App Store

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Big Breath! Challenge the world with your longest blow!!!

How long are you able to breathe into your iPhone? And your friends?
Challenge your friends and players from all over the world!
Blow into the microphone of your iPhone as long as you can and measure duration of your breath!

Big Breath is a nice application by which you can test & verify your capacity about blow duration, and compare it with your friends.

Big Breath

Take your best scores and compete with them!
And, if your device can connect to Apple Game Center, then you can also compete with every other players of the world!

Try Big Breath! And enjoy with it and your friends!!!

***** Special price, time limited *****

Big Breath

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