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Interest Calculator update 1.2: now for French and Spanish!

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce new version of Interest Calculator – version 1.2 – my application useful to calculate simple and compound interests!

I got your suggestions and I added French and Spanish language (Many Thanks to Michael Brush 😉

Here are the changes:

– Added French and Spanish language!
– Added Pounds Sterling (GPB)
– Changed themes
– minor bugfixes

And here is the iTunes link:

And here are some screenshots:

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Your Videos with Real Drums: U2 – ONE

Here are some videos published by fans that tried to play with Real Drums for iPhone / iPod Touch:

U2 – ONE – played by framartin88

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Real Drums for iPhone / iPod Touch: Demo Video

Hello everyone!

I made a video to show how to use “Real Drums” for iPhone / iPod Touch.

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Your Videos with Real Drums: Marco Carta – La mia Vita

Author: MarleneBitta

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REAL DRUMS: Turn your iPhone / iPod Touch into Professional Drums

OK! I’m pleased to introduce to you:

***** REAL DRUMS *****
Do you want to turn your iPhone into professional drums?
Do you wish to surprise your friends and enjoy with them by playing drums and also other percussive instruments (as bongo)?

Real Drums turns your iPhone in Drums and it permit to you to play it as a real drummer!
With Real Drums, you can play:
– 3 types of drums (more coming soon!)
– bongo
– special KITCHEN DRUMS (made with real kitchen instruments! Try it and enjoy!)
Sounds are taken from original instruments and they are real and nice! You can set instruments and sound kit from application, but also from iPhone Settings.
Download and Enjoy!
Note: below there is the best method to use RealDrums:
1) Start your iPod application (in your iPhone or iPod Touch);
2) Choose your preferred song and play it;
3) Press your Home Button;
4) Start Real Drums;
5) Enjoy, and play your best songs!!!
***** 0,79 Special price time limited *****
Location: App Store
iTunes link: Real Drums
Price: 0,79 (Time Limited)
Here are some screenshots:

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Interest Calculator: How to change Settings!

Hello everyone,

I noticed that some users of Interest Calculator had problem in changing Settings (such as Language, Currency and days of the year).
So, I submit some screenshots, directly from my iPhone (sorry for quality, and for Italian), to give you all the information about changing iPhone Settings 😉
Here is the method:
1) go your iPhone main menu:

2) scroll applications into iPhone Settings, until you find “Interest Calculator
3) change your “InterestCalc” settings
I hope this small howto can be helpful for you. However, If you have problems, please contact me, or leave a comment 😉

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Interest Calculator: my first application for iphone is on App Store

Hello Everyone!

My first iPhone application is on App Store!

Here is the description, directly from Apple Store:

Interest Calculator is exactly what it claims to be: an application for your iPhone/iPod touch, to calculate interest, and useful for helping you about your investments and your business.

It can be useful when you must take decisions about credit (for example, to buy a car) and you want to know the convenience.  

It’s usage is simple and fast, and it can calculate Simple and Compound Interest. 

Calculation can be made using dollars or euros, with a year of 365 or 360 days (commercial). You can choose these parameters using “Settings”.

Available languages: English & Italian

Here is the download link: iTunes link

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