Your Videos with Real Drums: U2 – ONE

Your Videos with Real Drums: U2 – ONE

Here are some videos published by fans that tried to play with Real Drums for iPhone / iPod Touch:

U2 – ONE – played by framartin88


  • alphaone | Ott 3,2009

    sono alphaone (, complimenti per la tua applicazione! Inviami pure tutto il materiale di cui disponi e/o l'URL della presentazione che vorresti che pubblicassi sul mio sito. Attendo tue allora. Ancora complimenti.

  • iPhoneXCoder | Ott 3,2009

    Ciao Alphaone, non riesco a inviarti il materiale tramite form.

  • Guddah78 | Gen 1,2010

    ho da poco aperto uno sito per scaricare applicazioni se hai delle info interessanti potrei inserirle nel sito.


  • iPhoneXCoder | Gen 3,2010

    Grazie per la dritta! Visito subito il tuo sito!

  • jackob | Set 2,2010

    Fantastic! congratulations for your work and ideas.
    iPhone Custom Development

  • Cupcakerum | Ago 21,2013

    so I’ve discovered I like some rap music, and i’m looking to find new cool songs but I don’t really know what to look up, so that’s what this question is about. people who hate rap don’t post on this question that doesn’t help anybody.
    anyway, I only like some rap songs (I guess that’s the case with all genres, right?). I really don’t like the rap songs about banging hoes and doing drugs, or rappers one-uping each other. I also don’t like it when they have a lot of sound effects (such as fake instruments and such).
    I like the songs “mockingbird” and “sing for the moment” by Eminem (Eminem haters, please don’t make comments), and songs like that are really what i’m looking for because the content is real and there’s not a lot of fake instruments (like in the song “toy soldiers” also by Eminem because most of it is just him singing with drums). also, “hands held high” by linkin park is good but I really don’t think it’s rap. I don’t mind at all if they cuss a lot or a little, it doesn’t matter. I kind of like it when they sound angry.
    it can be obscure or mainstream so if you know any songs that fit the description, please let me know 🙂 thank you.

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