Real Drums: Demo video by iPhoneXCoder

Real Drums: Demo video by iPhoneXCoder

Hello everyone,

many months ago, we published on YouTube a demo demo video about Real Drums, our application for iPhone that turns this excellent device into professional drums.

Many users (drummers and others…) asked us to publish this on

We wish to accept your suggestions, so here is the video!

Thank you!



  • Praveen | Ago 20,2013

    I have to pay to record a demo– if so how much?

    Where would I go to record one in Manhattan, NY?

    Can I sing it a cappella?

    Does it have to be a song that I have written?

    Can it be snippets of various song styles or does it have to be one song?

  • Amedeo | Ago 21,2013

    If i was to send a demo to a record company. If they liked it, would they sign me? What are the chances?

  • Krazy Bob | Ago 22,2013

    I downloaded a demo and now i want to delete it, but because it’s a demo it doesn’t save, and therefore does not show up in my save data. What do i do?

  • Tiziano | Ago 30,2013

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a 3DS, and I’ve also seen comments about a demo version of the new animal crossing new leaf game. I know that it only has about 2 or 3 more months before it comes out, and that you can pre-order (Witch I have already done). But I really am wondering if there is a demo of this game!

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