App reviews

Are you an app developer? Have you developed an iOS or Android app and you want to promote it? Do you want to spread your app and get an high number of users and download?

Welcome on this new section “App Reviews“, for reviews of apps for mobile systems (iOS, Android, etc.) and desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)!

More precisely, this is a new section of the blog, for developers of apps designed for mobile devices, but also for desktop that want to spread their work to the entire world.

If you have created an app, you have also noted that promotion is not very easy. Also the most beautiful app, the most complete, the most interesting, can remain unknown if you don’t promote it. So, we can say that developing of app is only 50% of the total work. Other 50% is marketing!

Channels and tools for app promotion are many. Review is one of the most important, because it allow to users to know the app, key elements, and so on…

As a developer, I discovered how much complicated is this activity, so I decided to create this section, available for everyone to promote apps.

Apps can be developed for mobile (both iOS Apple and Android Google. Because the only important thing is quality of app!

All the apps will also be showed on my social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e Linkedin.

Important: This is a fee service! So, if you are a developer, don’t wait more! Send your request for review, using the following form!

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