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The day of Safe Sex for iPhone and iPod Touch

Do you want to have sex today?

But, can you SAFELY have it, without the risk of having a child?

Can your iPhone / iPod tell you it?
YES!!! Today YOU CAN!!!

The Day of Safe Sex

The Day of Safe Sex

THE DAY OF SAFE SEX is a fun entertainment gadget / game for your iPhone / iPod touch, to see if you can safely have sex with a girl, without the risk of having a child.
With a few steps, you can get a “response”, if you can have safe sex with your girl or not.

Play with “THE DAY OF SAFE SEX” and enjoy with your friends! (and girls!)

(Internet connection NOT required 😉

Here is iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-day-of-safe-sex/id302005596?mt=8

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